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Relaxation Massage
The goal of a relaxation massage appointment is to focus on releasing general stress and tension throughout your whole body and easing your mind as well. This type of appointment often gets a bad wrap for being “fluffy”. You can still have a relaxation massage with firm pressure.

Therapeutic Massage
Often a therapeutic massage is accompanied by firm to deep pressure though in some cases depending on the client or the injury/condition/concern light to moderate pressure works wonders. Clients often book a therapeutic appointment to focus on a main concern and to workout related areas as well. Depending on the time frame booked a full body massage is still a possibility if desired.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage can feel very similar to a relaxation or therapeutic massage. The real difference is your RMTs understanding of the pregnant body, how the structure changes and body mechanics shift throughout your pregnancy. We often use special bolsters so you can still lay comfortably face down. We can accommodate a side-laying position for the massage as well depending on what is most comfortable for you. Often the bolsters aren’t needed until 16-20 wks depending on how quickly you “pop”. Most women are comfortable using the bolsters throughout their whole pregnancy, while others may need to switch to side-laying closer to the end. Some may never be comfortable face down and that’s okay too. It is very important to let your RMT know when you’re pregnant. There are certain treatments that are contraindicated and extra precautions that need to be taken during pregnancy work.

Hot Stone Massage
For this treatment smooth stones are heated in a tank of water to a hot but comfortable temperature. Your safety and comfort is our top priority. Your RMT will use the heated stones to massage your body. Everyone’s temperature sensitivity is different. Should the stones ever feel too hot or too cold, ALWAYS communicate that with your RMT.

This style is often categorized as a relaxing experience but can be used with a therapeutic approach. As your muscle tissue warms up it is easier to work with and to get deep tissue work done more comfortably, therefore having a better therapeutic outcome.

Cupping Massage
Cupping uses a suction technique to help decrease pain & inflammation, increase circulation, stretch muscle & connective tissue and break up scar tissue. It is a great form of deep tissue therapy that is often more tolerable for the client. The cups RMTs use are made of medical grade plastic or silicone. A hand pump is used to create as much or as little suction as needed or as tolerated by the client. The cups can stay in place or be dragged across the tissue depending on the desired treatment outcome. It’s common for the marks to darken over the first 24 hours following a treatment and to slowly fade over the next 7-10 days. If your marks go through colour changes similar to a bruise rather than fading, please let your RMT know so they can adjust the suction level for next time.