What to Expect

Before Your Massage

On your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early so you can complete a health intake form. Once your paperwork is complete, Kelsey will assess your specific needs so she can be sure to address any areas of concern. You will then be given full privacy to remove any articles of clothing required to address the areas being worked on. Once you are under the sheet and blanket, Kelsey will knock to ensure you are ready to start your session.

During Your Massage

Open communication & feedback are welcomed. Letting Kelsey know about how you’re finding the pressure and techniques will have a huge impact on the success of your session.

Post Massage

Kelsey will leave the room and give you time to get dressed. Once you are dressed, she will come back in and make a recommendation for follow up treatments. She will bring you to the front desk to book your next appointment and take payment.

Hydration is key for healthy muscle tissue. Be sure to follow up your massage with lots of water.